For all strength levels

  Turtle Rabbit Tiger
Age 5-7 years from 8 years from 8 years
Participants max. 4 min. 5, max. 7 min. 5, max. 7
Playing level No to little golf experience No to little golf experience Good golf experience, preferably PR or HCP
Duration 20x 1 lesson 20x 1½ lessons 20x 1½ lessons.
Training Polysportive, 6-hole course Technique & theory, 6-&9-hole course Technique, tactics, theory, various forms of play, 6-&9-hole course.
Goal Learn how to play golf Course permit or licence Improve handicap
Costs CHF 550.00 CHF 825.00 CHF 825.00
Course fee None None CHF 100.00

Junior Group Training

Trial training
Interested young people can try out a training session free of charge.

Book the group training for juniors by phone: 0041 379 00 30

The course fee includes
Golf instructor and driving range balls.

For unlimited play on weekends and public holidays +CHF 150.00

Family offer
For each additional child from the same family you will receive a price reduction of CHF 100.00.

Clothing suitable for the weather with wind or rain jacket and trainers (no blue jeans). Please contact us if you do not have your own golf equipment.

Our gift - your advantage
With the start of the course, participants have free use of the 6-hole short course all year round (excl. weekends/holidays)

Junior Camps
In summer (15-17 August) and autumn (3-5 October), camps are held for juniors which are suitable for children and young people and which allow a lot of fun and golfing progress to be made.


Training times Tuesday
Group Tiger
16:00 to 17:25
Group Rabbit
17:00 to 18:25

Training times Wednesday
Group Turtle
13:30 to 14:25/14:30 to 15:25
Rabbit Group
15:30 to 16:55
Group Tiger
17:00 to 18:25

Depending on the number of participants, further training times will be determined.

Junior courses