During the main season, we offer young golfers interesting training. The youngsters play together and are introduced to golf. They are trained and supervised by our Golf Pros from Bad Griesbach and Meggen.

Our gift - your benefit
With the start of the course, the 6-hole short course is at the free disposal of the participants of the junior training throughout the year (excluding weekends and public holidays).

For all strength levels

  Turtle Rabbit Tiger
Age 5-7 years from 8 years from 8 years
Participants max. 4 min. 5, max. 7 min. 5, max. 7
Playing level No to little golf experience No to little golf experience Good golf experience, preferably PR or HCP
Duration 20x 1 lesson 20x 1½ lessons 20x 1½ lessons.
Training Polysportive, 6-hole course Technique & theory, 6-&9-hole course Technique, tactics, theory, various forms of play, 6-&9-hole course.
Goal Learn how to play golf Course permit or licence Improve handicap
Costs CHF 550.00 CHF 825.00 CHF 825.00
Course fee None None CHF 100.00