Green fee subscriptions

We are expanding our offer with green fee subscriptions, which are valid for the calendar year up to and including 31 December. The subscriptions are personal and non-transferable. They are available at the secretary's office.

Overview subscriptions adults 2021

  Migros GolfCard, ASGI, Golfclub foreign country Swiss Golf Club
5time subscription CHF 332.50
instead of CHF 350
CHF 308
instead of CHF 325
10time subscription CHF 630
instead of CHF 700
CHF 585
instead of CHF 650
15time subscription CHF 892.50
instead of CHF 1‘050
CHF 828
instead of CHF 975

Overview Subscriptions Juniors 2021

  Swiss Golf Club, ASGI, Migros GolfCard, Golfclub foreign country
5time subscription CHF 142.50
instead of CHF 150
10time subscription CHF 270
instead of CHF 300
15time subscription CHF 382.50
instead of CHF 450

Conditions of admission and scope

The maximum handicap for the 9-hole course of Golf Meggen AG is 45. The subscription can only be purchased if this condition is met.

Subscriptions are personal and non-transferable. We need your current home club. If you are a member abroad, we require proof of club and handicap.

All subscriptions entitle the holder to play golf from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all subscriptions.