Golf etiquette and general regulations

  • Put back divots
  • Carefully repair pitch marks
  • Rake the bunker carefully
  • Return the rake to the bunker in the direction of play
  • Do not drive on greens, pre-greens and tees with caddy or cart
  • Do not use driving balls on the course
  • Distance markings on the course show the distance to the start of the green
  • The greenkeepers always have priority. Greens without a flag may never be played on
  • Play is always released with a signal from the greenkeeper
  • The instructions of the ranger must be followed at all times

Course rules

  • Immovable barriers under Rule 24-2 are: Sink sprinklers, young trees with supports, information boards at the tees, the lightning protection/toilet hut, rest benches, ball washers, paths, security and barrier fences, gravel from drainages
  • Movable obstructions under Rule 24-1 are: Stones in bunkers, distance posts and signs
  • Temporary course rules are posted on the notice board
  • Penalties for violation of a course rule: Counting = 2 strokes Hole play = loss of hole


  • Jogging and tennis wear are not permitted
  • Men's shorts must be at least Bermuda length
  • Men's shirts must have a collar and long or short sleeves
  • Women's T-shirts without collars must have sleeves. With a collar they may be sleeveless