Regrettably, there are still golfers who deliberately approach green 2 of the 9-hole golf course on the right and hit over the farmhouse on the left. These people are not aware that they are deliberately endangering human lives!

For this reason, all tees on the upper level of the driving range and all grass tees have been closed. The grass tees on the right side may only be used under the supervision of our golf instructors for the golf school. As an immediate measure, the driving range has been equipped with additional cameras. From now on, the new cameras record all hit balls from each tee mat and document their trajectory. If a player hits a ball over a safety net, he will be informed of his miss by means of a message on his screen "YOU HAVE HIT A DANGEROUS AREA". All tee shots will also be monitored 24 hours a day. If a player plays over a safety net several times, the management of Golf Meggen AG reserves the right to issue an immediate driving range and/or course ban. The monitoring helps us to analyse the playing behaviour and to punish players who break the rules. The data that will be collected over the next month will be used to plan improvements to the safety of our driving range. The time schedule cannot be communicated at this point in time. We will keep you informed about the next steps.

Many thanks to all who adhere to etiquette on our golf and practice facilities and report any irregularities to us immediately. We wish you a lot of fun and a beautiful game.
By the way: We are currently testing a new Toptracer screen on tee no. 8 (lefty). The new screen has a better resolution and picture quality and should provide good pictures even in bright sunlight. After the test phase, all 16 teeing grounds will be equipped with new Toptracer screens.

Upgrading for safety