Megger Bauern als Initianten des Golfplatzes

The initiative to build a golf course in Meggen started in 2003 by five farmers and landowners.

Under the general pressure on income in agriculture and the farms being too small by today's standards, the idea to realise a golf course matured. To this end, the farmers founded the "IG Golfplatzprojekt Meggen" and pursued their initiative further.

Two projects to choose from

So years later, the farmers had two golf course projects to choose from. On 1 July 2008, they unanimously decided in favour of Josef Schuler's public 9-hole golf course project. The Küssnacht entrepreneur and former farmer has a great deal of experience and managed the golf course in Küssnacht for years.

Attractive local recreation area

With the lease, the farmers are making the 52-hectare area available to golf and all recreation-seekers as an attractive local recreation area.

In addition, jobs have been created on the golf course, which opened on 25 August 2017, enabling the farmers to continue tending their land. Thus the circle closes again for the benefit of many.

Important key data

Signing of the contract between the Meggen landowners and Josef Schuler.

28 November 2010
Referendum in the municipality of Meggen: With 52.53 percent of the votes cast, the necessary rezoning for the golf course is approved.

27 January 2014
The rezoning is legally binding.

11 May 2015
The design plan is legally valid.

22 May 2015
Submission of the four planning applications for the golf house, the golf course and the development of the car park, the works yard and the opening up of the Stampfibach.

15 June 2016
Groundbreaking ceremony

25 August 2017
The 9-hole course and driving range are opened.

3 October 2017
Opening of the 6-hole short course and pitching area.

21 October 2017
Open day at the entire facility.

15 October 2017
Opening of Gasthaus Badhof with restaurant, bistro and seminar room.

27 November 2017
Opening of the 14 guest rooms with a fantastic view of the lake and the mountains.